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NFL Predictions- Week 2

11-5 straight up last week and 8-8 ATS. 16-16 ATS and 21-11 straght up for the season.

Giants(-1.5) over PANTHERS- I really dislike these Thursday games every week. Doesnt even feel like the NFL. Maybe it will grow on me by these teams must hate the idea too. Giants are a shaky team but I have a feeling they will respond better to the short layoff than Carolina. I think both teams could see a letdown after emotional wins making this less likely to be the point explosion most think it will be. Giants 19 Panthers 17

BEARS(-8.5) over Rams- The Bears certainly looked bad last week, but I think they have it in them to use the long layoff to come out and beat up on the Rams. If the Bears canít cover on this one it may be time to write them off for the season. Bears 24 Rams 10

BROWNS(+3.5) over Bills- I donít know what to make of either of these teams. Is CJ Spiller for real? Are the Browns inept or a viable team? Maybe this game tells us something. Im just going with the home squad. Browns 20 Bills 17

COWBOYS(-7.5) over Buccaneers- I have no idea why the Cowboys didnít fire last week, but I think they will be amped up for their home opener while the Bucs are going to have a hangover from the heartbreaking loss last week to the Giants. Cowboys 40 Buccaneers 20

Lions(-3.5) over TITANS- Detroit hasnít looked good this season, but the Titans look like they donít even belong in the league. Titans have more to play for but just donít have the firepower to keep up. Lions 24 Titans 17

Chiefs(+9.5) over SAINTS- Both teams are awful so far. As I mentioned during the Giants game- when you see the Redskins lose to the Rams and the Panthers just get obliterated by the Giants what does it say about the Saints? Kansas City isnít competitive either but they can at least stay within 10 against this defense. Saints 30 Chiefs 23

VIKINGS(+7.5) over 49íers- One of these days Ill start to believe in San Francisco, but I could see having a bit of a letdown game after the emotional games the last two weeks. If they do show up they will destroy the Vikings, but I think Minnesota can stay within 7. 49íers 23 Vikings 17

Jets(-3.5) over DOLPHINS- Everything went right for Miami last week and nothing went well for the Jets, but my opinion of the teams hasnít changed- the Jets are a mediocre team while Miami is worse than that. Big game for Sanchez as the Jets staff wont use Tebow for 3 plays if Sanchez is anywhere close to where he was last week. Jets 21 Dolphins 13

Jaguars(+2.5) over COLTS- Both teams are bad but I just have a feeling that the Jaguars are due for a win. Jaguars 14 Colts 13

Bengals(+4.5) over REDSKINS- I donít really trust either team, but I think as time goes on that Saints win is going to look less and less impressive. Bengals have more offensive weapons to win this one. Bengals 28 Redskins 24

Falcons(+3.5) over CHARGERS- Test game for San Diego who has beaten up the dregs of the NFL for two weeks to get to 2-0. Atlanta is off a short week and travelling which is difficult, but their offense is superior to the Chargers. Falcons 24 Chargers 16

CARDINALS(+4.5) over Eagles- How Philadelphia is 2-0 right now is one of those great mysteries of the universe. Arizonaís defense has been scary good thru two games and are the most impressive team of the early year. Two weeks doesnít mean much (just ask last years Bills, but the Eagles are too mistake prone right now to pick. Cardinals 24 Eagles 14

Steelers(-4.5) over RAIDERS- This line actually scares me a little since the Steelers should be a bigger favorite against a team that got blown out by the Dolphins, but Oakland can be a difficult place especially early in the year before they give up on the year. Steelers 27 Raiders 10

BRONCOS(-0.5) over Texans- I think the Broncos are familiar with Houston and their tendencies due to Manning and Del Rio. Houston hasnít been tested thus far ad this is their first real game. Manning bounces back. Broncos 27 Texans 24

RAVENS(-3.5) over Patriots- You have to love the NFL. After week 1 most people automatically put these two teams right back into the AFC title game and just two weeks later one of these two teams will be 1-2. Baltimore is always tough at home and that will make all the difference. Ravens 20 Patriots 16

SEAHAWKS(+3.5) over Packers- Something isnít right with Green Bay. Im not sure what it is but something is missing. Seattle is going to be a good team and they always have a good home field. Seahawks 24 Packers 17

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