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NFL Predictions- Championship Round

I got two of the four teams right last week and was robbed on the Seahawks. Against the spread I was 2-1-1 with the Seahawks being a push.

FALCONS (+4) over 49'ers- I think everyone is disappointed that this is not another Seahawk/49'ers game, but I dont think that you need to write the Falcons off. Last week the 49'ers were so dominant because of how their QB was able to exploit the edges of the Packers defense and get outside and run. That won't happen against Atlanta so Colin Kaepernick needs to actually be more of a traditional QB in this game. This is huge for Matt Ryan whose play is erratic at times. Ryan put up great numbers this year but what has made him have difficulty being elite is the bad turnovers and last week that nearly cost them the game. Game should be close and the 49'ers clearly have the better coach. I think that should count for something. 49'ers return to the Super Bowl. 49'ers 21 Falcons 19

PATRIOTS(-8.5) over Ravens- I was all over Joe Flacco last week and he really responded with some big throws. Now that big pass at the end to tie it was a bit lucky, but does anyone really consider that when they talk about Eli Manning? Not really. Flacco has played well against New England before and he should have no pressure on him in this game as everyone expects them to lose the game. The problem is that New England is just a machine right now. The Ravens defense isnt the defense of two years ago or even a year ago that can hold a team like this down. New England is only going to hold themselves down. Last week the Bronocos had difficulty because Peyton Manning's arm didnt look right, whether from injury or the cold. Tom Brady is not going to have those arm issues. Patriots head back to yet another Super Bowl. Patriots 34 Ravens 24

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