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NFL Predictions- Week 17

Unreal that the season is over. It goes by too fast, though for fans of teams like my Jets maybe that was a good thing this year. Anyway we have a great week last week going 13-3 straight up and 11-5 ATS. The year record is 141-85 with no points and 120-106 with the points. Barring a total disaster well be over 0.500 ATS again this season using the numbers for the predictions which isnít too shabby, though we did miss a full week because of the storm.

Bears (-3.5) over LIO NS- Sorry Giants fans, but its not going to happen. Ill be pulling for the Lions to get the local team in but odds are slim. If I were in charge of the Lions I would change that coaching staff. Bears 28 Lions 17

Jets (+3.5) over BILLS- This line says more about what people think about the comedy in green that plays out in public than the fact that both teams are terrible. A game of who wants it less. Jets 23 Bills 21

FALCONS(-7.5) over Buccaneers- Tamps crashed and burned badly as the season went on. They may have one more season before they turn over the front yet again. Falcons 27 Buccaneers 17

Panthers(+4.5) over SAINTS- Very quietly the Panthers became a decent team but cant shake off the image from early in the season. They will keep this close and maybe even win outright. Newton needs some help next season for this team to improve. Saints 27 Panthers 24

Texans(-4.5) over COLTS- I think the Texans need a big one here and if they give the effort they should manhandle a team like this. Colts may be the worst postseason team of all time. Texans 31 Colts 17

Jaguars(+4.5) over TITANS- Is there any TV market that is going to watch this game? Didnít think so. Titans 23 Jaguars 221

Browns(+6.5) over STEELERS- The Browns do compete and I think they would love to knock their rival off even if the game means nothing. Steelers need to begin the process of looking at what they have and if its time to begin to move on from some of the older guard. Steelers 21 Browns 17

Ravens(+3.5) over BENGALS- Not sure how the Ravens did what they did to the Giants last weekend but maybe they found what they were missing these last few games. Donít trust the Bengals in a game like this. Ravens 23 Bengals 21

GIANTS(-8.5) over Eagles- Picking the Giants is a curse. They played so well early that it skews everything, though the Eagles are pretty awful. I guess if there was a team to break out against itís the Eagles. Giants 31 Eagles 17

Cardinals(+15.5) over 49íERS- I think the Arizona defense is too good to get blown out by this many points. Arizona is a QB away from being a playoff team. 49íers 23 Cardinals 13

BRONCOS(-16.5) over Chiefs- The Chiefs are just a QB, WR, DT, DE, LB, S, head coach, offensive coordinator, and general manager away from being a playoff contender. Broncos 33 Chiefs 10

Packers(-3.5) over VIKINGS- Itís a shame that if the Vikings donít win this game that Adrian Peterson probably wont win MVP. He deserves the award. Green Bay narrowly wins. Packers 24 Vikings 20

PATRIOTS(-10.5) over Dolphins- I still think the Dolphins would have made the playoffs if Matt Moore started the season and Ill be hoping the Jets sign him as a cheap one year stopgap next season. I have a hard time with this game since the Patriots have been sluggish the last few weeks but we shall seeÖ.Patriots 31 Dolphins 20

CHARGERS(-7.5) over Raiders- The Chargers should win going away though knowing the way they operate they will lose 17-3. Both teams up for changes next year. Chargers 27 Raiders 17

SEAHAWKS(-10.5) over Rams- Seattle cruising into the playoffs and will be the hot Super Bowl pick. Cant see them losing this week. Seahawks 27 Rams 13

Cowboys(+3.5) over REDSKINS- Dallas needs this game so badly and it will be close, but the Redskins are really riding a wave of momentum and I donít see Dallas stopping it. Redskins 29 Cowboys 27

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