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NFL Predictions- Week 16

Actually slightly better last week ATS with a 9-7 record versus just 8-8 without the points. Thats two weeks in a row. Yearly record is 128-82 SU and 109-101 ATS.

Falcons (-4.5) over LIONS- The Falcons really showed something last week which is always cause for concern since this is virtually a meaningless game, but it is the Lions right? Falcons 30 Lions 19

Vikings (+7.5) over TEXANS- This is one of those difficult games because Houston can almost go into shutdown mode. Minnesota is not terrible by any stretch and they have the runner to keep the game within reach. Texans win but donít cover. Texans 26 Vikings 20

Patriots (-14.5) over JAGUARS- Even the Jets beat the Jaguars by a comfortable margin. Stat padder for Brady and company. Patriots 44 Jaguars 14

Rams (+3.5) over BUCCANEERS- Not sure what is going on with Tampa Bay right now but their season is probably over which means some of the veterans may start to point some fingers at a head coach that does some unorthodox things. Buccaneers 24 Rams 21

Bengals (+4.5) over STEELERS- All season long I have said the Steelers are not that good and I have a feeling this is the game that proves it. This could be a statement game for the young Bengals offense. Bengals 23 Steelers 20

Chargers (+3.5) over JETS- If the motivated Chargers show up the Jets will lose by more than 7. If the other version shows up the Jets will probably win a close game. Well split the difference and go with the Chargers close. Chargers 23 Jets 19

PACKERS (-11.5) over Titans- The Titans were handed 4 turnovers last week and still almost lost the game against a pretty bad football team. What do you think a good team will do to them? Packers 31 Titans 17

Redskins (-5.5) over EAGLES- Does Philly have it in them to give Andy Reid a good effot in what will be his last home game coaching this team? Doubtful. Redskins 30 Eagles 20

Colts (-6.5) over CHIEFS- The Colts are not a good team regardless of what their record says, but the Chiefs are a whole different level of not good. Colts get their playoff spot. Colts 27 Chiefs 17

PANTHERS (-8.5) over Raiders- The line is a little high, but itís the Raiders. Carolina is one of those teams that is better than their record indicates and if they were better managed from a cap perspective could be contenders next season. Panthers 27 Raiders 17

Bills (+4.5) over DOLPHINS- At least the Dolphins have a young QB that can give them hope for the future, but they wasted a pretty decent defense on his development this season. The Bills just wasted another season. Dolphins 24 Bills 20

Saints (+3.5) over COWBOYS- Gigantic game for Dallas who stays right in the playoff hunt with a win at home against the Saints. Dallas really needs to get into the playoffs and win a game, but the Saints match up so well with them that it will be difficult. Saints 30 Cowboys 27

Browns (+13.5) over BRONCOS- I donít expect this game to be very close but the Browns have the capability of hanging around within 2 scores. Broncos 29 Browns 16

CARDINALS (+5.5) over Bears- I think Chicago has just run out of gas. Arizona has a strong enough defense to keep this game close. If Arizona could find a QB next season they would be dangerous. Bears 20 Cardinals 17

Giants (-2.5) over RAVENS- Nobody can ever explain the Giants to me but the Ravens are in freefall and the Giants have their backs up against the wall. I have to think they respond to the challenge.

SEAHAWKS (+1.5) over 49íers- Between being home and the 49ers having a crazy game last weekend I think the Seahawks hold a slight edge. Should be a fun game. Seahawks 17 49íers 16

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