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NFL Predictions- Week 15

Did better picking ATS last week with a 10-6 record compared to just 9-7 without the points. The season totals now stand at 120-74 and 100-94.

Bengals (-3.5) over EAGLES- Critical game for Cincinnati after last weeks last second loss to the Cowboys. Eagles will probably be game at home but they are too dysfunctional to beat a team that needs a win. Bengals 23 Eagles 14

TEXANS (-8.5) over Colts- Colts are the flukiest team in the NFL but usually they will lose to a team like this. Their only chance is if the Texans are totally screwed up from the beatdown in New England. Texans 26 Colts 14

Giants (+1.5) over FALCONS- You never know what Giants team is going to show up but if the good one shows up they are a superior team to the Falcons regardless of what the record says. Giants outright. Giants 21 Falcons 17

Buccaneers (+3.5) over SAINTS- Not sure I understand the logic behind New Orleans being favored. Brees isnít playing well and that defense is hideous. Bucs probably killed their playoff chances last week but they will keep playing hard. Buccaneers 28 Saints 23

Vikings (+3.5) over RAMS- What am I missing with some of these lines this week? The Rams are not a good football team and cant score the football. The Vikings arenít great but they have a great player that makes all the difference. Vikings 17 Rams 14

BEARS (+3.5) over Packers- Chicago is trending downward fast and this might be their last gasp. This is one of those games where if I used a 4 or 6 game average Green Bay probably comes out on top but because I give equal weight to the early games its saying to pick Chicago. Im not crazy about it but thatís what we will do. Bears 17 Packers 16

Broncos (-2.5) over RAVENS- Baltimores offense is in complete flux right now and I donít think they can compete with a Peyton Manning led team in this state. Manning has been so good this year and this should lock up at least the 3 seed for them. Broncos 21 Ravens 17

Jaguars (+7.5) over DOLPHINS- The line just seems far too large for the Dolphins to cover. For them to cover it will require a defensive score, which could happen but its not that likely. Dolphins 19 Jaguars 13

Redskins (+2.5) over BROWNS- Tough game since the Redskins QB situation is uncertain. Cleveland has played much better as of late and Washington is probably due for a stumble. This game scares me a little bit for that reason. Redskins 20 Browns 17

Seahawks (-4.5) over BILLS- The Bills GM has spent the last week or two talking about how a 1st round QB isnít a sure thing. For the sake of Bills fans I hope he realizes a certain journeyman from Harvard clearly isnít a sure thing either. Seahawks 24 Bills 13

Panthers (+3.5) over CHARGERS- Everytime San Diego wins a game people take notice because they think it means they are back. They usually go out and play down to an opponent as soon as that happens. They will win but wonít cover the spread. Chargers 19 Panthers 17

Lions (-6.5) over CARDINALS- Is there a worse team right now in the NFL than the Cardinals? Ive never seen an offense this pathetic. Lions 21 Cardinals 14

Chiefs (+3.5) over RAIDERS- If the Chiefs lose this game they have a strangehold on the number 1 pick in the draft. Win it and they are going to need some help. Raiders 19 Chiefs 16

COWBOYS (+1.5) over Steelers- This will have the feel of a playoff elimination game between two of the great rivals of the 1970s. Id expect a very close game in which case I always lean towards the points. Steelers 17 Cowboys 16

49ers (+6.5) over PATRIOTS- On paper this is a really good game between two teams who match up well against one another. The way the Patriots are playing now I donít think anyone can stop them but if there is a team that can contain them its this one. Patriots late. Patriots 21 49ers 19

Jets (+1.5) over TITANS- A must win game for the Jets to keep their hopes alive. There is no reason why they shouldnít win against this team. Only way for the Jets to lose is another meltdown from the QB position. Jets 21 Titans 16

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