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NFL Predictions- Week 14

10-6 straight up in week 13 and 7-9 against the spread. Yearly record is 111-67 and 90-88.

Broncos(-10.5) over RAIDERS- Slaughter. Broncos roll over terrible Raiders. Broncos 40 Raiders 17

Falcons(-3.5) over PANTHERS- The Falcons might be the least impressive 1 loss team of all time. For whatever reason they never seem to get an opponents best effort the way others do. Not sure the Panthers have a best effort in them anyway. Falcons 26 Panthers 16

Bears(-3.5) over VIKINGS- Hard to believe the way the Bears lost last week but they should make up for it in this game as they keep their hopes alive of winning the North. Bears 24 Vikings 16

Ravens(+0.5) over REDSKINS- That was such an emotional game for Washington on Monday that I doubt they can get up again for another big game. RGIII didnít even want to leave the stadium that night and my guess is his head might still be there. Ravens 24 Redskins 21

BUCCANEERS(-7.5) over Eagles- Who would have ever thought when the season began that the Bucs would be a TD favorite over Philly? Playing out the string in Philly. Wont be close. Buccaneers 33 Eagles 17

Chargers(+7.5) over STEELERS- The Chargers find ways to lose every week but this is a game that they should at least keep close. Steelers 19 Chargers 17

Cowboys(+3.5) over BENGALS- The hanger ons in the AFC will be watching closely hoping that the Cowboys can beat the Bengals. Dallas will tease them just like they have done their own fans all year long. Bengals 26 Cowboys 23

Titans(+5.5) over COLTS- Indianapolis has no business having the record they have but when you have such an easy schedule wacky things happen. Titans can definitely keep this close. Colts 27 Titans 24

Jets(-2.5) over JAGUARS- Mark Sanchez doesnít just need a win he needs a blowout win in which the Jet offense explodes like they did in Buffalo. Anything less and he isnít going to get much love from the fans. Jets 24 Jaguars 17

Rams(+3.5) over BILLS- Im a bit worried about taking the Rams in the cold, but the numbers say this should be close. Bills have the same chance of the Jets as making their fans think the team is better than it is with the easy schedule. Bills 23 Rams 21

BROWNS(-5.5) over Chiefs- There look to be a lot of really bad games this week and this is right at the top of the list. Browns 21 Chiefs 14. 49íERS(-10.5) over Dolphins- Luckily for the 49ers they are done playing the Rams. Miamis season is on life support and like the rest of the AFC East should be looking at the future now. Tannehill might get beat up bad in this one. 49íers 24 Dolphins 10

GIANTS(-6.5) over Saints- The Saints always beat on the Giants but this isnít the same Saints team. If the Giants played better in the red zone they would have already sewn up the NFC East. Maybe they turn that around this week. Giants 33 Saints 23

Cardinals(+10.5) over SEAHAWKS- With the change at QB so ended the Seahawks easy victory. Now itís a defensive struggle which makes those 10.5 points seem pretty high. Seahawks 17 Cardinals 10

PACKERS(-6.5) over Lions- I think the main question is how many times will Suh end up on TV for doing something dirty. Green Bay pulls away late. Packers 27 Lions 19

Texans(+4.5) over PATRIOTS- If Texans can force the Patriot defense to break around the goal and they donít turn the ball over they can beat the Patriots. My guess is they will turn it over at a crucial time and it will cost them the win. Patriots 29 Texans 26

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