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NFL Predictions- Week 12

Better last week going 11-3 SU and 10-4 ATS. Yearly record is now 92-54 and 75-71. Happy Thanksgiving everyone….

Texans(-3.5) over LIONS- Lions season is over and the Texans are going to enjoy the limelight of playing on Thanksgiving. Texans 31 Lions 19

Redskins(+3.5) over COWBOYS- All signs point to a very close and entertaining game. Dallas’ slow starts will probably be their undoing and lead to a long week of turmoil in Dallas. Redskins 26 Cowboys 23

Patriots(-6.5) over JETS- There is no logical reason for the Jets to even be in this game, but they have played this team close before so that at least there is a little hope. Patriots are clicking on offense right now Patriots 37 Jets 21

BENGALS(-8.5) over Raiders- The Bengals are the one team nobody seems to consider when talking about the playoffs. Good offense and a reasonable schedule. Things don’t get much easier than playing the Raiders. Bengals 34 Raiders 21

Falcons(-0.5) over Buccaneers- I think people are beginning to realize that the Falcons are kind of a paper tiger right now as shown in the line here. Bucs have played well this year but will have a tough time getting enough breaks to beat what should be a motivated Falcon team. Falcons 28 Buccaneers 24

Steelers(-0.5) over BROWNS- Incredibly difficult game to predict since the Steelers are about one step away asking Terry Bradshaw to come out of retirement to play QB. That said they have always overcome these QB problems in the past and it is the Browns…Steelers 20 Browns 16

Titans(-3.5) over JAGUARS- Yes Chad Henne threw for a bunch of yards last week, but lets be real its Chad Henne. Titans aren’t any good either but the Jaguars are beyond that level of bad. Titans 28 Jaguars 21

Seahawks(-3.5) over DOLPHINS- I think Miami is finding themselves in a similar position to the Jets in 2009. Though the defense is not as good they are good enough to contend for the playoffs, but the QB situation has flatlined the team. If they started Matt Moore this year they would arguably be a wildcard favorite. Seahawks 19 Dolphins 13

Bills(+3.5) over COLTS- A must win for the Bills if they want to keep their slim playoff hopes alive. Colts record is far better than the actual product on the field. Bills can win this one. Bills 27 Colts 26

BEARS(-0.5) over Vikings- I think people are finally starting to see that Jay Cutler is at least a worthwhile starting QB dealing with the worst offensive line in the NFL. Bears need him back in the worst way as they are in freefall. Bears 24 Vikings 16

Broncos(-10.5) over CHIEFS- The Chiefs are an example of why you never look too far into a December upset. Chiefs are a comedy of errors. Broncos 38 Chiefs 13

Ravens(-0.5) over CHARGERS- Don’t understand the line which probably means this game is going to skew San Diegos way, but Ravens are the better team. Im starting to wonder if Phillip Rivers will be available next season… Ravens 24 Chargers 20

Rams(+2.5) over CARDINALS- If ever there was a game to end in a tie its this one. Neither team has a pulse on offense and will rely on the defense to make a play to win. Hedge the bets with the points. Cardinals 16 Rams 14

Packers(+2.5) over GIANTS- Depends on what Giants team shows up this week. The big play offense or the turnover offense? Giants have been a bad second half regular season team so Ill bet on the latter. Packers 27 Giants 24

Panthers(+2.5) over EAGLES- I don’t know how the Eagles can be a favorite over anyone. Playing out the string at this point. Panthers 21 Eagles 14

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