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NFL Predictions- Week 10

Still no power at home, but I wanted to try to get back to posting so well start with this weeks picks. I missed last week because of the weather being far more important than the site, but we’ll be getting back into the swing of things now. Yearly record is 60-58 ATS and 73-45 SU.

Colts(-3.5) over JAGUARS- I get that the Colts are a pretty bad road team but Jacksonville is a terrible home team. The Jaguars cant score enough to win this game. Colts 23 Jaguars 16

RAVENS(-7.5) over Raiders- Baltimore should always win at home against a team like the Raiders. Oaklands makes too many mistakes in games to overcome decent football teams. Ravens 32 Raiders 21

Lions(-2.5) over VIKINGS- Very interesting game with one team going up and the other going down. Minnesota’s offense has hit a wall lately and it is hard to win when the offense sputters like this. Lions 23 Vikings 20

BUCCANEERS(-3.5) over Chargers- Tampa has been a nice surprise as Josh Freeman has bounced back pretty well from his regression in year 3. Can anyone ever get excited about San Diego? Buccaneers 24 Chargers 20

DOLPHINS(-6.5) over Titans- I understand why the Dolphin coach is talking up Tennessee, but even the Titan players know the team stinks. Dolphins 30 Titans 17

Falcons(-3.5) over SAINTS- Every time the Saints win a game people go crazy saying that they are back. The problem is they usually play a decent team after that and get killed. Falcons are more than just decent. Falcons 35 Saints 21

Broncos(-3.5) over PANTHERS- The line scares me here and Carolina often keeps things close, but with Manning playing so well in Denver it would seem difficult for them to not cover. Broncos 26 Panthers 19

Giants(-4.5) over BENGALS- Giants are a bit of a strange team in that they can put up big points but are tremendously inefficient drive by drive it seems. They make the most of the most difficult opportunities but nothing of the others. Still…Giants 36 Bengals 21

PATRIOTS(-11.5) over Bills- This has all the makings of a disaster for the Bills. Patriots 44 Bills 21

Jets(+6.5) over SEAHAWKS- Seattle does not do enough to cover a spread like this even against a team that has difficulty scoring against a bad defense. Off a bye week Jets will give it their best shot, which wont be enough to win, but is enough to cover. Seahawks 21 Jets 16

Cowboys(+2.5) over EAGLES- The losing team probably undergoes a major facelift while the winners live another week. Dallas is the better team especially since Mike Vick cant do anything positive anymore. Cowboys 21 Eagles 17

49’ERS(-11.5) over Rams- I think Jets fans can safely say that both Brian Schottenheimer and Mark Sanchez were equally responsible for the Jets woes last season. Rams are a disaster offensively and I doubt they will be extending Sam Bradford because of it. 49’ers 23 Rams 10

BEARS(-1.5) over Texans- I would have never pegged both these teams to be this good when the season began, but both have played solid football. My guess is that this game will reinforce the fact that the NFC has surpassed the AFC. Bears 23 Texans 17

STEELERS(-12.5) over Chiefs- Terrible Monday night game as the Chiefs are a nightmare to watch play. They have no QB. They have no defense. No offense. They turn the ball over more than they seem to score it. Yuck. Steelers 30 Chiefs 14

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