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NFL Predictions- Week 1

The NFL is finally back which means for another year of predicting the winners and losers. As is usual Ill wing it for the first three or four weeks and then use my efficiency ratings to make predictions from there on out. Last season the record was 168-89 straight up and 148-109 against the spread.

GIANTS (-3.5) over Cowboys- For all the offseason talk about Dallas they didnít really do anything that would make me think they have improved enough to beat a team that has their number. Not only that but the Super Bowl champion always wins these openers. Seems too tough a hill to climb. Giants 27 Cowboys 20

SAINTS (-9.5) over Redskins- This is probably a good opponent for RGIII and I could see the backdoor cover, but the Saints are looking to prove something after a tough offseason. They have had weeks to prepare for this game so I donít think the coaching will be an issue. Next week, maybe, but in week 1 they should be fine. Saints 35 Redskins 13

Patriots (-6.5) over TITANS(+6.5) - Have the Patriots had some slow tarts in the past? Yes, but the Titans should be in over their head here. The QB situation is questionable and they donít have the secondary talent to hold up the short passing attack. Patriots 24 Titans 13

TEXANS(-10.5) over Dolphins- I have a tough time picking this game. Miami closed so strong last season but this team is totally different. If they had a different QB I would think they could upset the Texans, but with Tannehill going up a strong defensive coach I think this has the makings of a blowout. Texans 30 Dolphins 10

Falcons (-1.5) over CHIEFS- Very difficult game as I have no clue what to expect from these teams. Kansas City was a tough out at the end of the year and has more weapons now than last season. They also have a coach that has probably learned from his first failure. Atlanta has the better QB and will have the airpower to probably outscore Kansas City. Falcons 20 Chiefs 16

Colts(+9.5) over BEARS- I think this is going to be a long season for Chicago. Their defense is older and losing Cutler last year I think shut whatever remaining window they had. Trading for Brandon Marshall and Matt Forte I think will be mistakes for a team that will end up needing to rebuild sooner rather than later. Andrew Luck will impress in his debut though Im not sure if it will be enough for the outright win. Bears 17 Colts 14

Jaguars(+4.5) over VIKINGS- Minnesota was awful last season. Jacksonville wasnít much better but their defense at least came to play on some weeks. Jaguars with the upset. Jaguars 17 Vikings 13

LIONS (-9.5) over Rams- I think the Lions have a good chance to make the playoffs again if Matt Stafford can stay healthy, and I think thatís a big if. The Rams? I just donít see them having a chance to do anything. Lions 34 Rams 10

Eagles (-8.5) over BROWNS- One thing about the Eagles is that when they win they win pretty big. 6 of their 8 wins last year were by double digits and the other two were by a touchdown. I cant see the Browns, as nondescript a team as any in the NFL, pulling off an upset. Eagles 24 Browns 14

JETS(-3.5) over Bills- These have the potential to be two of the worst offenses in football. The difference is that the Jets defense will make a few plays to score points where the Bills defense wonít unless Sanchez dumps the ball right in their laps. Jets 13 Bills 7

PACKERS(-5.5) over 49íers- One season wonder, and no Im not taking about Green Bay. Packers romp. Packers 33 49íers 10

Panthers (-2.5) over BUCCANEERS- Wild things do happen in the South every year, but I think that means the Panthers will be the team to surprise rather than Tampa. Panthers murdered this team last season. Panthers 36 Buccaneers 14

CARDINALS (+2.5) over Seahawks- Difficult game as both teams finished strong last season. Seattle is the flashier pick because they were more settled in the preseason with the QB, but I feel like Arizona has an advantage being home so well go with the home squad. Cardinals 20 Seahawks 17

BRONCOS (-1.5) over Steelers- I donít know what Peyton Manning will be this season, but Ill take my chances for week 1. Pittsburgh is the better team, but sometimes has a tendency to start out slow in week 1. Granted they usually win those games but often they are much closer than you would expect and that is against players with much less cache than Manning. Broncos 16 Steelers 13

RAVENS(-6.5) over Bengals- There will be a point where this defense does begin to slow down, but until that happens Baltimore is too strong to pick against at home. Bengals could be in for a big fall as well this season. Ravens 38 Bengals 10

RAIDERS (+1.5) over Chargers- Itís September, always bet against San Diego. Raiders 24 Chargers 17

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