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What Does Rex Ryan See in Mark Sanchez

After another weeks terrible performance from the QB position I just cant fathom the idea that the head coach of the New York Jets truly believes that Mark Sanchez is showing anything that would indicate that he is the answer at QB. Every week Ryan gives the same answers in his press conference and all the average Jets fan wants to know is why. Why in his heart does he believe it? There is so much evidence that he can not do it what in the world do his eyes see that makes him believe that Sanchez is the guy to lead the team.

I wanted to go back at a study I did last year where I compared Marks track in some metrics against some comparable players. These metrics are benchmarked against the opposition (i.e. if you completed 65% of your passes against a defense that allows 70% your performance would be a -7.1%) and then plotted as an 8 game moving average to smooth out weekly fluctuations. I updated the figures to account for this season and it’s just horrific. Sanchez’ last 8 games have basically set him back to being a rookie in the NFL. His numbers are as bad as they were in 2009. How is that even possible?  In 2009 this head coach did everything to get the ball out of the QB’s hands yet now that same guy is the answer for this team? I just don’t understand.

Here is Sanchez’ career completion percentage graph:

Yes that is right you will not be able to find any 8 game stretch where his average over the 8 games was above the average. Each and every period he works out to underperform against the defenses he faces and now he is right back to where he started. Here is the David Carr/Joey Harrington graph

Harrington was further into the career but even these two guys did not fall apart the way Sanchez has. Maybe they are hung up on Eli Manning:

This was the time where Manning turned it around and within 3 more games moves himself into average territory pretty much for the rest of his career. Maybe its blind faith because they see Manning so much but he is the only guy yet he never ended up as bad as he was as a rookie the way Sanchez has.

I just don’t know how you can win playing like this. Here are the yardage numbers:

That’s right 20% or so below the norm and that isn’t changing. Essentially there was a brief period in 2010 where he was finally putting up good yardage numbers, but now he cant do it. He doesn’t complete passes and those that he does complete are not exactly bombs down the field.
Mistakes?  Well he has cut down on those but he is way above the average, which in this case means bad, in that category.

Sanchez is around 25% on this season meaning he has thrown for 25% more picks per attempt than his opponents have gotten in their other contests this season.

I just do not understand what they see in him at this point besides dollar signs. I could understand if Rex Ryan doesn’t think Tim Tebow is any good, because he most likely is not, but it becomes insulting after a while to listen to the same story each and every week about Sanchez. You can only hear about how crisp he and the offense look in practice so many times. You can only hear about how Sanchez is good when he can set his feet so many times. Look at the numbers. There is no bias in them at all. He is bad. The overall results are bad. Rex is right that this isn’t about one player right now, but you can not sugarcoat what is going on. This is the type of stuff that gets coaches fired.

Jets fans loved Rex Ryan. They loved that he spoke his mind and that he seemed honest with the fans of the team. It was a big contrast from the prior coach who said nothing to the fans. But Rex is now just lying to the fanbase. He has taken this “us vs them” mentality to a new level where he has to defend every player no matter how bad the results are. We saw it last year with Eric Smith who got burned week in and out only for Rex to talk about the good plays he made and how 31 other teams would be lucky to have an Eric Smith on the team. Smith has barely played this year and even when healthy has not seen 50% playing time in a single game. If Rex doesn’t see what everyone else in America sees and he is really being honest in his talk about these players then he is not the guy for the job and needs to lose all authority to evaluate talent on this team. You cant be positive all the time in this league. You will never get better if you are. If that is where Rexs head is at than it explains a lot as to why this organization has fallen apart over the last two years.

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