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Accepting Responsibility

With the implosion complete for the season I’d like to go over a few things but first I just wanted to make a point that the whole Jets organization needs to take a course on accepting responsibility for their actions. Part of the problem I have always thought is due to Rex Ryan and his uber-positive outlook on everything Jets. I mean he sounds delusional at this point in his post games. Todays talk was about how Bart Scott needs to play more and how Mark Sanchez is looking good and the best was that the offense is improving.

I mean the Jets offense scored 17 points against a team that allows around 23 points a game. They handed the Patriots a touchdown when their QB forgot the play that he just called 10 seconds before and then he failed to see a giant green body in front of him that he ran into like Wile E Coyote getting fooled by the Road Runner. They couldn’t convert on a 4th and goal. They couldn’t convert on a 4th and 1. Rex thought they were so good that when they did finally convert on a 4th down they took so much time they ended up kicking a field goal on 1st and 10 rather than taking one shot in the end zone with 7 seconds left on the clock. The receivers run the wrong routes. When they run the right ones the QB throws to the wrong team probably because he forgot the playcall. But apparently this means improvement in the eyes of Ryan.

But the problem runs deeper than Rex Ryan. This is an organization that refuses to find fault in anything they do. Its as if they take the fans for fools. Long before Rex ever got here the Jets had an awful season in 2007. One year removed from the playoffs the team collapsed. Here was a quote from Mike Tannenbaum that year:

“It's a performance-based business and obviously we're not happy sitting here at 1-7,but there have been some positives. We haven't seen them on the scoreboard on Sundays, but there are some things going on Monday through Saturday that I'm encouraged by. I'm happy where the program is.”

Sound familiar? It sure does because its basically the exact same garbage he said to Mike Francesa just a few weeks ago in an interview.

“We’re all in this together and we’re all 3-6. With that said, though, I’m here every day. I see the character and the work ethic of this team, and we just have to see the results on Sunday. But it’s not for a lack of commitment. Rex ’s leadership has been great.”

Its become ridiculous. Last year as the team crumbles he discussed the hidden stars on the bench like Vlad Ducasse, Caleb Schlauderaff, Jeremy Kerley, and Austin Howard. Kerley might be a player, Howard is among the worst right tackles in the NFL, Ducasse plays in about 30% of the teams snaps and Schlauderaff never dresses for a game. Not exactly Victor Cruz, but don’t tell that to the Jets. This year he discussed how Drew Stanton did some good things for the team in a radio interview with Boomer Esiason and Craig Carton on WFAN. Stanton was with the team for less than a week when the Jets made the trade for Tim Tebow. What good could he possibly have done? Signed his contract?

These Jets need to begin to take some responsibility for what is going on. This is not a good season. Last season wasn’t a good season. This is a team that is falling apart because of poor personnel decisions in the front office. To paint it as anything else is not right for the fans of this team that spend their hard earned dollars to watch something that resembles a professional football team. But the problems begin at the top, far higher up the food chain than Rex Ryan.

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