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Projected 2013 NFL Draft Pick Salary Cap Numbers

Moving onward from the season lets look ahead to 2013 for the three non-playoff teams in the AFC East and what financial obligations they now have based on the draft slotting in the first two rounds. Unless a pick was traded away that I didnít realize the Bills will draft at number 8 and 42, the Jets at 9 and 40, and the Dolphins at 12 and 43. Before people remind me that the Browns have forfeited their pick, in terms of draft slotting it remains there it just goes unfilled. So while the Jets will select the 39th player in the draft it is actually pick 40. Miami has another second round pick from the Colts but I wont know that number until Indianapolis is eliminated from the playoffs.

Anyway these are the numbers that I anticipate for the players assuming the NFL does not change the draft slotting formula from last season. My interpretation of the CBA tells me that the NFL does have the right to change the numbers and reduce the rookie pay at the top of the draft, but they did not do it last year and even with the continued contentious relationship with the NFLPA I would not expect them to do it this season either. Iíd expect the Jets and Bills picks in the first round to be fully guaranteed with no offset provisions while the Dolphins pick will allow for an offset if released. The second round picks will have their first two years of salary guaranteed as well as a signing bonus paid up front. All three teams will likely fight for around $50,000 of the 2014 salary to be an injury only guaranteed workout bonus.

Here are the total values, guaranteed dollars and yearly cap hit estimates per my calculations:

Pick Team Total
Guarantee 2013
Cap Hit
Cap Hit
Cap Hit
Cap Hit
8 Bills $12,751,002 $12,751,002 $2,318,364 $2,897,955 $3,477,546 $4,057,137
9 Jets $12,661,102 $12,661,102 $2,302,018 $2,877,523 $3,453,028 $4,028,533
12 Dolphins $10,323,698 $10,323,698 $1,877,036 $2,346,295 $2,815,554 $3,284,813
40 Jets $5,019,604 $3,068,784 $912,655 $1,140,819 $1,368,983 $1,597,147
42 Bills $4,866,770 $2,950,685 $884,867 $1,106,084 $1,327,301 $1,548,518
43 Dolphins $4,794,846 $2,895,111 $871,791 $1,089,738 $1,307,685 $1,525,632

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