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Four Game Expectations: Mark Sanchez

With Mark Sanchez being named the starter again and the expectation now that he has 4 games to prove he is worth keeping next season as the starting QB I just wanted to give an overview of the defenses he will be facing. The average of the four final opponents is as follows:

CPG: 22.7
APG: 35.6
Comp %: 63.7
YPG: 247.1
TDPG: 1.7
IntPG: 0.9

So this is what you would call a cupcake schedule. If Sanchez simply performed as an average QB he should add on about 988 yards, 7 Tds and either 3 or 4 picks over the next four games. Anything less than that should be considered a failure.

The Jets going 4-0 and Sanchez throwing in a controlled environment for 150 YPG should in no way mask the fact that he isnít performing up to a quality standard. The Jets need to trust Mark Sanchez if he is going to be the franchise QB in 2013. He has to attain these numbers. Anything else just shows failure in the player or lack of belief from the staff that he can be trusted to throw the football. Hopefully the Jets have that mindset and arenít just hoping that wins against bad teams makes everyone overlook one of the biggest problem positions on the team.

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