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Answering Some Questions on the Bills Salary Cap Page
New York Jets Salary Cap Page

Answering Some Questions About the Bills Salary Cap Page

I just wanted to post some clarifications on what is listed on this page since I know there is some confusion among Bills fans. Unfortunately registration to the forums where I have recently read questions on the numbers is no longer open so hopefully those concerned can read my responses here:

1. Steve Johnsonís base salary in 2012 is $2.5 million. Im not sure where anyone saw that it was $4.5 million but I can say with 100% certainty it is $2.5 million. Im sure there is an article on PFT that also confirms those numbers.

2. Everything that is listed on the site is based on cap accounting. That is why you see the Fitzpatrick bonus or Johnson bonus amortized over the term of the contract. 3. The cash number listed on the top of the page is the current cash spend estimated for the Bills. The cash spend is calculated as follows: Base Salary total + Roster Bonus total + Workout Bonus total + Total Prorated Bonus money expected to be paid in full this year. Included in that figure would be:

Fitzpatrick -$5 million (Option Bonus)
Johnson- $8.5 million (Signing Bonus)
Lindell- $3.6 million (Signing Bonus estimated not confirmed)
McGee- $300,000 (Signing Bonus)

When you add all the columns together you get the $95.3 million number listed on the top of the page. That number is based on all players under contract as of March 11 with the exception of Scott Chandler who I donít have details on just yet. Since the Bills will only have 53 players under contract when the season begins the number is probably $3 million on the high side, but that should also represent a buffer a team needs in the event of injuries.

Any questions feel free to email or ask via Twitter.

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