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A Preview of the Jets vs Giants game
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A Preview of the Jets Giants Game

I have not had time to do these lately, but everyone seems so excited about the Jets vs Giants that I threw together the quick stats to see where the Jets might have an advantage and where the Giants will likely have an advantage:

Giants Pass Offense vs Jets Pass Defense

These are the percentages that the teams are either above or below their opponents averages on the season.  The stats are all per attempt but the projection is for the game:

Jets Giants
Based on the way the Giants have gameplanned opponents and the Jets have been gameplanned it would look to be that the Giants would throw about 33 passes in the game leaving Manning with around 245 passing yards or so.  The only real question in a normal game here would be if the Jets could get 2 sacks or will settle for 1.  The Jets are going to give up 3 big plays, at least one of which will be 40 yards.  If they give up two 40 yarders, of which there is a slim chance, it would probably mean a loss. 
Jets Pass Offense vs Giants Pass Defense

Jets Giants
Sanchez will likely throw either 31 or 32 times in the game so these projections are based off that. Its going to be around 200 yards on the day for the Jets pass attack.  The interception seems pretty certain as do 3 longer pass plays, but none that go far down the field.  At least two sacks on the day.  The  TD’s probably are not a big concern since many of the Sanchez’ TDs come from deep in the red zone and the Jets have been a good red zone team this season.  I would expect that if he only gets 1, there would be a second rushing 1, perhaps on a QB keeper. 


Giants Run Offense vs Jets Run Defense

Jets Giants

This amounts to about 77 yards rushing for the Giants.  It is highly doubtful that the Giants will pull off any big plays.  I guess the question for the Jets is whether they hold them to 1 TD on the ground or allow that second one to get in.  Otherwise it is hard to see the Giants run game being a factor at all in the contest.

Jets Run Offense vs Giants Run Defense
Jets Giants
The Jets would likely finish the game with about 105 rushing yards which may allow them to play the slow game they want to play.  The Giants catch a break in that the Jets rush offense produces next to no big plays.  They will have a 50/50 chance of a 20 yard run, but most likely will need to grind out the yardage. 


The Jets look to be in the drivers seat for the game primarily because the Giants are built on passing the football and the Jets have played very well against the pass.  Despite giving up huge pass plays this year the Jets are not giving up much else.  The Giants are used to 300 yard games from Manning, but he is probably going to be nowhere near that.  The Giants also rely on Manning to throw 2 scores a game and its unlikely that will happen either. The Giants will probably outgain the Jets but settle for field goals while the Jets have better chances at touchdowns.  The Jets also don’t look to lose ground the way the Giants offense will, simply because the Giants defense is statistically worse than the Jets offense.  The Giants will likely score somewhere between 17 and 20 points in the game. The Jets look to project between 20 to 27 points.  Unless an interception from Sanchez is a backbreaker that hands points to the Giants the Jets should come out on top in the battle of NY.

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