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2011 NFL Predictions- Week 6
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NFL Predictions- Week 6

8-5 straight up and 6-7 ATS last week. Records stand at 50-27 and 42-35.

REDSKINS (-1.5) over Eagles- Should be a close game. The tricky part with this one is that the Redskins offense is pretty bad so you wonder if they can score enough, even against a bad defense to win. Redskins 23 Eagles 19

Bills (+3.5) over GIANTS- There was no logical reason for the Giants to lose like they did last week which probably means they even things up with a win this week even though the numbers favor the Bills. Buffalo may be the most opportunistic team in the league while NY may be the most mistake prone. Bills 34 Giants 21

49íers (+5.5) over LIONS- I donít know how the 49ers do it but somehow they are playing like one of the better teams in the NFL. Lions should win the game but the San Francisco defense will keep it close. Lions 24 49íers 21

STEELERS(-12.5) over Jaguars- Jacksonville isnít in the same league as the Steelers who should cruise to a win. Steelers 20 Jaguars 3

Panthers (+4.5) over FALCONS- Atlanta does play better in their building, but I think the fast surface will also aid the Carolina QB who is having a fantastic rookie year. Atlanta looks dead. Panthers 26 Falcons 23

PACKERS(-14.5) over Rams- Sometimes you feel bad for a team and everyone should feel bad for the Rams who just have no luck with the schedule makers. Packers big. Packers 38 Rams 10.

BENGALS(-7.5) over Colts- The Colts blew a perfect opportunity last week to finally win a game and its all downhill from here. Colts are going to have a difficult decision about Peyton Manning in the offseason because they are going to have the number 1 pick in the draft. Bengals rookies, especially AJ Green, look really good. Biggest surprise of the year thus far. Bengals 27 Colts 10

RAVENS(-6.5) over Texans- Tough game for Houston who are now without their two best players on the team and going into one of the toughest stadiums in the NFL. Ravens are beating up teams despite the fact that the QB just cant be counted on in a big spot. Ravens 24 Texans 16

RAIDERS(-5.5) over Browns- Oakland does enough good things on both sides of the football to actually make the playoffs this year. Cleveland does nothing good on either side of the ball. Raiders 33 Browns 20

Cowboys(+7.5) over PATRIOTS- Should be a real big shootout, but there is no way you can count on the Cowboys to win a game like this. Tony Romo is likely going to be the talk of Monday, either positive or negative, after this one. Patriots 36 Cowboys 31

Saints(-4.5) over BUCCANEERS- Maybe Tampa got caught looking ahead last week or maybe they just are not very good. Saints have had a cupcake schedule for the most part and have been pretty untested, but Tampa falls into that category right now too. Saints 33 Buccaneers 20

Vikings(+3.5) over BEARS- About the only entertaining quality of this game will be watching the Vikings beat up on Jay Cutler for an evening. That poor guy gets killed behind the Bears offensive line. Vikings 21 Bears 19

JETS(-7.5) over Dolphins- These two teams often play close games, but the Jets have been the better team this year by a good margin. Though there are questions about the Jets right now those may have more to do with having had a tough schedule moreso than being a bad team. Jets

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