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2011 NFL Predictions- Week 4
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NFL Predictions- Week 4

Iíll be using the efficiency ratings for predictions next week and Iíll probably have them all posted along with some other league stats time permitting. Last week I went 11-5 SU and 9-7 ATS. Yearly record is 32-16 and 26-22 respectively.

Titans (+1.5) over BROWNS- Im not shocked in the least by the bad start for Chris Johnson after the long holdout. I wrote about the declines that are normal for the position a bit before he got his new deal. Still who would have expected Matt Hasselbeck to play so well. He is better than what the Browns have so weíll go with Tennessee. Titans 19 Browns 16

Vikings (+1.5) over CHIEFS- I have never seen anything like what is going on in Minnesota. Every week they look set up to win big and they end up getting stomped in the 4th quarter. McNabb only has a game and a half left if this continues, but I have to imagine they can stop the bleeding against a team like KC that commits too many mistakes to win, though I am sure the Vikes will give them every opportunity to win. Vikings 23 Chiefs 16

EAGLES (-6.5) over 49íers- Philly is clearly over rated at this stage of the season as Mike Vick is having difficulty creating the magic he did last year, but this is the 49íers and they are abysmal. There is no way they have the speed to keep up with Philadelphia. Eagles 38 49íers 13

COWBOYS (-2.5) over Lions- Could be a really fun game. Both are coming off very tough rival games that were pulled out in the last second so both could be down. Detroit having back to back road games scares me as does the damage DeMarcus Ware might inflict on Matt Stafford. Cowboys 23 Lions 14

Saints (-7.5) over JAGUARS- I guess stranger things have happened, but Jacksonville just looks so bad. New Orleans could lay down, but when you have a top level QB that rarely happens. Saints big. Saints 33 Jaguars 10.

TEXANS (-3.5) over Steelers- Something just is not clicking yet for Pittsburgh who came very close to losing to the Colts last week. The defense isnít playing well enough to keep the Texans in the range that the Steelers offense needs them to be in if they want to win the game. Texans 29 Steelers 19

BEARS (-6.5) over Panthers- Itís probably time for Carolina and their young QB to start coming back down to earth and they may find Chicago a rough place to play. Chicago desperately needs a win and to find a way to keep Jay Cutler in one piece. Bears 24 Panthers 13

BENGALS (+2.5) over Bills- I was as stunned as anyone at how the Bills came back to win that game last week against New England. Im not sure how long they can keep that up for but they seem to have certainly made the AFC East much more interesting. Letdown game and Im simply playing a line that makes no sense to me. Bills 19 Bengals 17

Redskins (+0.5) over RAMS- This is another line that I can not really figure out, but the Rams have played so badly there is no way I can pick them. They lose every game by double digits and I cants ee any reason for that to change this week. Redskins 26 Rams 13

SEAHAWKS (+4.5) over Falcons- Every year there are teams that everyone expects to be good and they simply donít fire when the season actually starts. Atlanta looks to be one of those teams this year. The passing game just is not working and they have too much of a reliance on it. Seattle is always scrappy at home . Seahawks 21 Falcons 17

Giants (-1.5) over CARDINALS- The Giants are a tough team to get a handle on the last few years because you never know what Eli Manning will show up. A lot of the interceptions are not his fault but he is all over the map with good and bad games. I think he will be good again this week matching up against an Arizona team that wishes Kurt Warner never retired. Giants 28 Cardinals 14

Broncos (+13.5) over PACKERS- I certainly donít expect the Broncos to win but this is such a huge line. Broncos have been competitive thus far and maybe can hang around long enough to keep within two scores. Packers did close last year out blowing teams away at home, but more often than not their games were close. Packers 27 Broncos 16

Dolphins (+7.5) over CHARGERS- I am firmly back in my anti-Norv stance and simply picking against San Diego every week until we get into week 6 or 7. Miami is a mess but they compete. My only worry is if they are looking towards the bye and the following weeks game in NY as a reason to avoid this game, but at 0-3 can they really do that? I donít think so unless they want the coach fired that badly. Chargers 20 Dolphins 17

Patriots(-4.5) over RAIDERS- Neither team has any defense but the Patriots have a real offense while the Raiders have a great running back. That just is not enough to win and to expect a Brady dud again is not very realistic. Patriots 40 Raiders 20

Jets (+3.5) over RAVENS- The Jets message boards and radio outlets will be on fire if the Jets lose this week with the Patriots on the horizon. Jets 19 Ravens 16

Colts (+9.5) over Buccaneers- Will this be the lowest rated MNF game of all time? The Colts without Manning have the same appeal as the Jaguars. Bucs play conservative enough games to make the score stay within 10, even with Curtis Painter at QB for Indy. Buccaneers 21 Colts 13

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