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2011 NFL Predictions- Championship Round
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NFL Predictions- Championship Round

Its been a brutal playoff run for me. 2-2 last week so lets see if I can guess the SB contenders.

Ravens (+7) over PATRIOTS- Baltimore and New England have consistently ranked top 5 this season, with the Ravens actually ranking higher most weeks as they are a more balanced team. To me that makes the line way too high. Can they win outright? They have to play perfect to do so since its unrealistic to think Baltimore’s defense will hold the Patriots to under 20 points. Should be another SB trip for New England, but in a field goal type game. Patriots 27 Ravens 24.

49’ERS(-2) over Giants- New York has killed me in the playoffs and this result might be different if I weighed my rankings as the Giants have played significantly better over the last 6 weeks than they did the prior 12. San Francisco’s defense has been so good this year they should make the difference. The one thing that works against them, though, is that their one weakness has been pass defense and the Giants throw as well as anyone in the NFL. Eli Manning is still prone to bad interceptions and the 49ers live off that. If this turns into a passing contest NY is going to win. If its just a straight game the 49ers hold the edge. Either team representing the NFC is a shocker, but the 49ers are the even bigger one this year. 49ers advance. 49’ers 24 Giants 19

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