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2011 NFL Predictions- Week 2
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NFL Predictions- Week 2

Another bland start to a season going 10-6 straight up and 8-8 ATS. Here goes week 2.

JETS(-10.5) over Jaguars- Jets 27 Jaguars 10.

Cardinals (-3.5) over REDSKINS- Arizona has no defense at all, but should be able to score points in bundles. Giants didnít have issues throwing on Washington last week they just dropped too many balls and Eli had that terrible pick. Cardinals 28 Redskins 14

SAINTS (-6.5) over Bears- Im not sure if the Saints are as explosive as we saw in week 1, but with so many days to prepare I find it hard to believe that the Bears can stop them. Saints 31 Bears 17

VIKINGS(-2.5) over Buccaneers- Neither team looked good in week 1 so this is a pure play for the home team. Vikings 20 Buccaneers 16

Packers(-10.5) over PANTHERS- Playing the Packers defense is completely different than playing the Cardinals one, even if the Packers had a bad first week. Green Bay in a romp. Packers 36 Panthers 10

Raiders(+3.5) over BILLS- I find this to be a fascinating game. Oakland was great on the road last year which is why I am going with them, but one of these teams will get the surprise tag from ESPN due to a 2-0 start. Raiders 20 Bills 14

Ravens (-5.5) over TITANS- Could a hangover happen? It could, but it is so early in the year that I have to assume the Ravens will be out looking for blood. Titans look to be in for a long season. Ravens 23 Titans 10

Browns(+2.5) over COLTS- Both teams were miserable last week. Cleveland was embarrassed by the Bengals and the Colts were just an embarrassment to the league. If Cleveland loses to go 0-2 there will be a revolt in the city. Browns 17 Colts 13

Chiefs(+8.5) over LIONS- Detroit certainly looked great while the Chiefs looked awful, but I see the line here as an overreaction to week 1. I do think Detroit will win, but Kansas City should be competitive. Lions 24 Chiefs 17

STEELERS(-14.5) over Seahawks- Seattle was beyond miserable on the road last year and Pittsburgh is coming off a non-effort meaning they should be looking to put a hurting on someone. The Seahawks are that someone. Steelers 31 Seahawks 7

Cowboys(-3.5) over 49íers- The Cowboys should have beaten the Jets last week and were able to move the ball at will on them before Tony Romo fell apart. San Francisco just isnít in their league. Cowboys 27 49íers 10

Texans(-2.5) over DOLPHINS- I guess we find out this week if the Texans have any defense since the Dolphins at least have a pulse on offense unlike the Colts. As long as Houston can protect the QB they are going to win games like this. Texans 24 Dolphins 17

Chargers (+5.5) over PATRIOTS- San Diego actually wins a game in September! Im not sure if they can beat New England, but they can certainly compete with them. Phillip Rivers can go yard for yard against Tom Brady. Patriots 31 Chargers 28

Bengals(+5.5) over BRONCOS- For some reason I think the Broncos will be treated like a road team by halftime. Bengals 13 Broncos 10

FALCONS(+2.5) over Eagles- Atlanta looked awful last week but should be better off in their own building taking on the returning Mike Vick. Rams were actually close to the Eagles for awhile before the receivers dropped everything in sight and Philly pulled away. Falcons 23 Eagles 20

Rams(+6.5) over GIANTS- The battle of which receivers drop more passes. Giants looked unprepared in week 1 while the Rams just werenít fast enough to play with Philly. Giants are the more desperate team and will win, but not by a touchdown. Giants 21 Rams 17

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