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2011 NFL Predictions- Week 17
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NFL Predictions- Week 17

Hard to believe it but the NFL regular season is just about finished. It goes by so fast compared to the other sports. Iím hoping to close the year out strong this week after going 11-5 both straight up and against the spread. This week to me is always difficult because you almost have to throw a lot of the numbers out because teams sit players. Iíll still base everything off my efficiency numbers and keep my fingers crossed. Yearly record is now at 158-83 and 139-102. Happy New Year to all.

PACKERS(+1.5) over Lions- Definitely a line that is made because Aaron Rodgers is unlikely to see too much time on Sunday. Iím not sure the Lions will be really motivated either though. Lions are probably a year away but are a team that could pull off an upset in the playoffs. Packers 31 Lions 28

TEXANS(+2.5) over Titans- Houston has basically taken a nosedive since the miracle win in Cincinnati a few weeks ago and they need a big win. For it to happen the defense has to play well and they should be trying. Titans only 3-4 on the road this year. Texans 23 Titans 16

JAGUARS(-4.5) over Colts- I didnít post my rankings last week, but Indianapolis has actually played well enough to climb out of the 32 spot and up to 31, which seemed impossible a few weeks back. Tougher game on the road though. Jaguars 21 Colts 14

Jets(+1.5) over DOLPHINS- Game could go either way. Jets will need either a defensive or special teams score to guarantee the win. Miami is really playing hard, but could have a tough time with the Jets corners. Jets 21 Dolphins 20

Bears(+0.5) over VIKINGS- Chicago really looked like they had a shot to make some noise in the playoffs until the QB got hurt. By all measures they should be a 10 win team, but the QB injury totally destroyed the team. They played better last week with the QB switch and maybe can get one more against their rivals. Bears 26 Vikings 21

Bills(+12.5) over PATRIOTS- Bills beat this team earlier in the season which might mean New England really looks to make this ugly, but their defense is so bad the Bills have a chance. Patriots have not been impressive lately and are kind of going through the motions. Patriots 34 Bills 23

SAINTS(-7.5) over Panthers- Unless New Orleans just decides to take a week off assuming they have no chance at the number 2 seed, they just have too much firepower for a team like the Panthers who will likely be one of the media darlings next season. Saints 37 Panthers 24

Redskins(+8.5) over EAGLES- Philly will play the game hard to look to finish on a high note despite being eliminated from contention last week. They have to find ways to keep Vick healthy to be a real contender in 2012. Redskins keep it close enough with the defense. Eagles 24 Redskins 17

49íers(-10.5) over RAMS- The Rams just need to completely start over. They had a bad draw early and it seemed to destroy their confidence. Niners have a real chance this year. 49íers 26 Rams 3

Seahawks(+2.5) over CARDINALS- A great finish for both these teams that were left for dead weeks ago. Arizona has a big decision to make about Kevin Kolb while the Seahawks can clearly compete if they find a QB next season. Seahawks 21 Cardinals 17

FALCONS(-13.5) over Buccaneers- Bucs have been blown out in their last 4 games and quit on Raheem Morris. Heíll be gone by Tuesday morning Iíd imagine. Falcons 33 Buccaneers 14

Ravens(-2.5) over BENGALS- If the Ravens canít win this game and then get eliminated before the Super Bowl there will be questions about the upside of the coaching staff. They have fumbled this division away a few times with bad losses but canít afford another one here. Ill pull for Cincy in the playoffs if they make it though. Nice draft. Ravens 24 Bengals 17

Steelers(-6.5) over BROWNS- Steelers have a limited offense but I just donít see the Browns scoring enough to stay with a TD. Maybe if the Ravens game ends early and the Steelers pack it in, but the Browns need major personnel upgrades to compete next year. Steelers 20 Browns 7

BRONCOS(-3.5) over Chiefs- Going to be either a 3 or 4 point game. Chiefs you know will play hard, but they just have no offense at all. Not that Denver has much of one either, but their running game is much better than anything Kansas City offers. Tebow to the playoffs. Broncos 20 Chiefs 16

Chargers(+2.5) over RAIDERS- Chargers ran into a buzzsaw last week, but are still the best team in the AFC West regardless of what the records say. Oakland needs this win desperately to make the ill advised trade for Carson Palmer look like it paid off. Probably wont get that. Chargers 27 Raiders 24

Cowboys(+2.5) over GIANTS- I know the Cowboys have really come up short in these situations before and they are going to hate the weather on a Sunday night in January, but Dallas can make big plays and the Giants big play defense is horrendous. Cowboys take the East in the highest rated game of the season. Cowboys 27 Giants 24

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