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2011 NFL Predictions- Week 12
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NFL Predictions- Week 12

11-3 last week just picking winners and 8-6 ATS. Seasonal records stand at 102-59 and 93-68. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

LIONS(+6.5) over Packers- Im not sure if the Lions are really ready for this kind of stage as they looked bad early in last weeks gams and havenít played great in a few weeks They are one of the teams with the firepower to hang with Green Bay. Greeb Bay wins, but not by a TD. Packers 33 Lions 29

Dolphins(+6.5) over COWBOYS- Miami has been playing much better of late and its always difficult to trust the Cowboys in games like this. Unlikely that Dallas could be so bad that they lose, but the game looks to be close. Cowboys 23 Dolphins 18

49íers(+3.5) over RAVENS- Im sure most think this is the game that exposes San Francisco, but how is Joe Flacco going to play against such a good defense? My guess is not too well. The magical ride continues..49íers 23 Ravens 19

FALCONS (-8.5) over Vikings- The line could be a bit scary since teams with young QBís normally always keep trying, but the Vikings season is done while the Falcons have a huge amount to play for. Atlanta should keep a comfortable margin throughout. Falcons 27 Vikings 17

BENGALS(-8.5) over Browns- After two big games you could almost see the Bengals letting down here, but since they lost both games that makes this a must win. Both teams play defense but only one plays any offense Bengals 23 Browns 13

Panthers(-3.5) over COLTS- Well I guess if there is a game that Indy can win its this one Young QB on the road after a tough loss and matching up a team that doesnít belong in the NFL? Trouble and the oddsmakers seem to believe it as well, but Indy has been so brutally bad there is no reason to pick them. Panthers 33 Colts 20

Texans (-3.5) over JAGUARS- Nobody knows what they will get out of the Houston offense since Matt Leinart has been so bad in the NFL, but Houston has a good defense and the Jaguars have a horrific offense. Probably a dull game where Houston pulls away late. Texans 20 Jaguars 7

Bills (+7.5) over JETS- Two teams playing for their lives. Jets always play down to bad teams which may make up for the fact that the Bills numbers are all skewed by the early season play. Still it would not be shocking if the Jets won 30-7. It would be shocking if the Bills did win. Jets 26 Bills 21

Cardinals(+2.5) over RAMS- I donít know if the Rams head coach will survive the season or not, but his defense really comes to play. The problem is they canít do anything offensively. Sam Bradford has been so bad that they could consider a QB in the draft. Cardinals 23 Rams 13

TITANS(-2.5) over Buccaneers- Could you imagine a playoff round featuring both the Titans and an AFC West team? Just awful, but Tennessee is definitely in play because of the schedule. Bucs gave it their best shot last week and its time for them to pack it in. Titans 20 Buccaneers 16

Bears(+4.5) over RAIDERS- Hard to determine what the Bears will be minus Cutler, but they have a terrific defense that the Raiders wont be able to handle. Tough spot for Carson Palmer Bears 27 Raiders 20

Redskins(+4.5) over SEAHAWKS- Is it possible to predict a tie because thatís what the numbers say this has a chance of being. Ill take the points and give the nod to the Seahawks in the final score. Seahawks 17 Redskins 16

Patriots(-4.5) over EAGLES- Maybe the Eagles can exploit the New England secondary deep, but the Patriots should be too much for them to handle. Brady is playing too well to lose this game. Patriots 29 Eagles 23 Broncos(+6.5) over CHARGERS- Can Tebow pull off another miracle? Well this is Norv Tuner and Phillip Rivers who are as bad a coach/QB tandem as there is in the NFL right now. Rivers just hands the ball to the other team which I pretty much how Denver won last week San Diego should win, but never by this much. Chargers 26 Broncos 24

Steelers(-9.5) over CHIEFS- Unless Pittsburgh overlooks the game it should be a blowout. Chiefs simply wont be able to score points. Steelers 24 Chiefs 3

SAINTS(-6.5) over Giants- And the losing continues for the overrated Giants. Manning will do enough to keep it close, but they wont have the ability to stop Brees in the dome to give him a real chance to win it late. Saints 31 Giants 24

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