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2011 NFL Predictions- Week 10
New York Jets Salary Cap Page

NFL Predictions- Week 11

I went 8-8 straight up last week but 10-6 against the spread. Season record is at 91-56 and 85-62.

Jets (-4.5) over BRONCOS- These have been the type of opponents the Jets have done well against this year, but it will probably be closer than most think. Jets 27 Broncos 21

Bengals (+7.5) over RAVENS- Who knows what Ravens team will show up this week. One would assume the good one since it is a division rival with a good record, but with them you never know. Ravens 24 Bengals 19

Jaguars (+0.5) over BROWNS- When the original Browns left Cleveland they should have never let them back. Year after year they are just horribly boring to watch and this week will be no different. Jaguars 10 Browns 9

LIONS (-6.5) over Panthers- Both teams have come back down to earth, but the Lions still have plenty to play for while the Panthers never won, they just exceeded expectations. Lions big. Lions 34 Panthers 20

PACKERS (-13.5) over Buccaneers- They are number 1 in my ratings this week, which has meant a subpar effort for most teams, but statistically the odds are in the favor of the Packers to blow them out. Packers 37 Buccaneers 17

Bills (+2.5) over DOLPHINS- Tough because the Bills are clearly in free fall mode, but the early season success skews the stats. Miami has played much better of late and it would not surprise me if they won. Bills 24 Dolphins 19

Raiders (+1.5) over VIKINGS- How is Minnesota favored against the Raiders, especially in light of last weeks catastrophe? Maybe that means something but the numbers say Oakland. Raiders 28 Vikings 23

Cowboys (-7.5) over REDSKINS- This is a ton of points to lay on the road against a divisional opponent , but Washington simply cant score the football. Expect them to be in play for a QB this year and pay a huge price for someone. Cowboys 24 Redskins 13

49’ERS (-9.5) over Cardinals- I found it pretty funny to listen to Mike Francesa talking about how the 49ers are perfect for Peyton Manning next year because they are ready to win now, but this season they have a chance to do it. 49’ers 26 Cardinals 13

Seahawks (+2.5) over RAMS- Jags/Browns and now Rams/Seahawks? The NFL stinks sometimes. Rams are so bad offensively that they will find a way to lose when they play a team that actually tries to win a game. Seahawks 17 Rams 13

Titans (+5.5) over FALCONS- Im not even sure if Atlanta can mentally recover from last weeks debacle, but they have a beatable team in front of them. Titans keep it close but lose. Falcons 23 Titans 21

BEARS (-3.5) over Chargers- Maybe the Bears have a let down this week, but when Phillip Rivers just hands the ball over to you its hard to screw up. Bears 29 Chargers 21

Eagles (+3.5) over GIANTS- The Eagles have talent but are poorly coached and don’t seem to believe in themselves. Playing the Giants often brings out the best in them though. Eagles 27 Giants 24

PATRIOTS (-15.5) over Chiefs- Why is this on TV on Monday? Awful matchup. Patriots 31 Chiefs 10

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