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2011 NFL Predictions- Week 10
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NFL Predictions- Week 10

Really good week last week 10-4 SU and 11-3 ATS. Sadly that probably means that this will be a bad prediction week, though I did get the Raiders cover. Seasonal record is 83-48 and 75-56.

Raiders (+6.5) over CHARGERS- Like I said last week Oakland is a tough team to judge because of the changes and they are without McFadden again, but San Diego just constantly shoots themselves in the foot over and over again. Teams have been mirror images of each other in terms of production, though the Raiders are trending down while the Chargers are just consistently mediocre. Chargers 28 Raiders 26

Cardinals (+13.5) over EAGLES- It would be stunning for Arizona to win, but not to cover. They have weapons on special teams to help get a few points on the board plus the Eagles defense is pretty bad. Eagles 29 Cardinals 21

BROWNS (-2.5) over Rams- I cant understand how the Browns are considered a worst team than the Rams by the oddsmakers. Both teams play ok defensively considering the poor position they are often in, but the Rams offense is non-existent. Likely the most boring game of the day. Browns 16 Rams 10.

Titans (+2.5) over Panthers- Very difficult game, but these are the kind of teams that the Titans seem to play well against. If Chris Johnson doesn’t start making some noise soon he will be cut in the offseason. Titans have a ton of cap room to absorb the hit and CJ has no guaranteed money in his contract. Titans 24 Panthers 23

Jaguars (-3.5) over COLTS- Maybe I spoke too soon about the Browns and the Rams. Yuck. Jaguars 23 Colts 10

Bills (+5.5) over COWBOYS- Make or break game for both teams. Bills have to prove last week was a fluke while Dallas has to prove they can beat a team with a decent record. Bills have been the much better team thus far. Bills 28 Cowboys 23

Broncos (+3.5) over CHIEFS- By the end of this game people will realize that the win the Chiefs had against the Chargers says more about the Chargers than the Chiefs. Broncos 24 Chiefs 20

Texans (-3.5) over BUCCANEERS- Houston is very quietly becoming a very good all around team. Nobody pays any attention to them right now which could make them dangerous come playoff time. Texans 24 Buccaneers 13

Saints (-0.5) over FALCONS- Atlanta has played much better of late which makes them have a chance this week, but overall on the season New Orleans has been much more impressive. Saints 31 Falcons 23

Redskins (+3.5) over DOLPHINS- Miami exploded last week, but they are a dismal offensive team. Washington is bad too, but are slightly better overall. Redskins 14 Dolphins 13

BENGALS (+3.5) over Steelers- Win or lose people will pay attention to the Bengals after this game. They have been quite the nice surprise this year. Bengals 23 Steelers 20

Ravens (-7.5) over Seahawks- Baltimore does have a tendency to play down to teams and this is a clear spot for a letdown game, but if things hold true to form Seattle doesn’t even have a chance. Ravens 28 Seahawks 10

Lions (+0.5) over BEARS- Huge game for Chicago as a loss will make the playoffs very difficult, but the Bears should have a hard time against teams like the Lions that can score at will. Lions 30 Bears 23

49’ERS (-3.5) over Giants- Big upset for NY last week and maybe they can pull off two in a row, but the 49ers defense is incredibly good and the Giants turn the ball over too often. 49’ers 24 Giants 16

Patriots (+1.5) over JETS- You could toss a coin with this one it should be so close, in which case you take the underdog. The result could go either way depending on which team controls the pace, but well lean towards NE since picking against the Jets last week led to a Jets win. Patriots 26 Jets 24

PACKERS (-13.5) over Vikings- This is a lot of points for a divisional game, but Green Bay is just clicking on all cylinders right now making them a reasonable pick. Packers 25 Vikings 20

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