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2011 NFL Predictions- Week 1
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NFL Predictions- Week 1

Back for another year. Ill just wing it the first few weeks and then use my efficiency rankings the rest of the way through.
PACKERS(-4.5) over Saints- The defending champ never seems to lose this game so that makes Green Bay the choice. Packers defense was incredible last season, but most teams dont have that success on a yearly basis.Saints should have a bounceback year, but this is not the game for the bounceback. Packers 24 Saints 16

BROWNS(-6.5) over Bengals- The Bengals just looked so bad in the preseason and are so inexperienced that I cant even pick them with the points over the Browns. Im still stunned that the Bengals did not completelty start over this year with a new coach. Browns 27 Bengals 10

BUCCANEERS(-2.5) over Lions- I do think the Lions will be much better this year, but the Bucs were very good at home last season and Detroit still has to learn to play away from home. Lions are going to get after Freeman, but the short passing game may nullify that. Bucs 24 Lions 16

CHIEFS(-6.5) over Bills- While I doubt Kansas City wins the West this year, Im equally positive that they should be better than the Bills. Chiefs should run all over the Bills. Chiefs 29 Bills 13

BEARS(+2.5) over Falcons- Not a huge Bears fan, but I just have a feeling that the Falcons will start slow, especially away from home. Chicago will tail off as the year goes on, but they will pull off the slight upset in week 1. Bears 19 Falcons 14

RAMS(+4.5) over Eagles- Philadelphia sure has a great collection of talent, but it will probably take a few weeks before they are the dream team. With Vick returning to Atlanta in week 2 I think this is a game they sleepwalk through. Eagles 20 Rams 17

Steelers(+2.5) over RAVENS- The Steelers seem to always find a way to beat Baltimore. I cant explain how it happens, but it always seems to. I also would not be surprised if the Ravens begin to take a step back on defense. They are going to need Joe Flacco to do more this year if they want back in the playoffs. Steelers 23 Ravens 16

TEXANS(-1.5) over Colts- This is different than when Tom Brady went down and the Jets tip toed around them and lost the game in 2008. These Texans would have probably beaten the Manning Colts because they dont fear them. The question is do they take it too lightly? I dont think so. People will see just why Manning was even more valuable all these years than anyone gave him credit for. Texans 34 Colts 10

JAGUARS(-2.5) over Titans- Is anyone going to watch this game outside of Tennessee? Im not sure what the Titans will be, but I think losing Garrard is actually a good thing for Jacksonville. They rely on him too much and he was never that good. As long as Jacksonville can slow down Chris Johnson they can win. Jaguars 13 Titans 10

CARDINALS(-6.5) over Panthers- Im not sure if Kevin Kolb is any good, but I am pretty sure that the Panthers are bad. Still every year we seem to see a shock team come out of the NFC South, so you never know. Cardinals 30 Panthers 14

49'ERS(-6.5) over Seahawks- Part of me says this is way too steep of a line for a team with no quarterback, but then I look at the Seahawks and see a team that doesnt even look like they belong in the league. San Francisco has too many weapons. 49'ers 24 Seahawks 16

Giants(-2.5) over REDSKINS- I cant pick Rex Grossman against a former Super Bowl MVP, even one who is abused as much as Eli Manning. Giants should still be able to run the football and they have a big play weapon in Hakeem Nicks. Plus they should be able to rush the QB. I think if they lose this game it will be a really bad sign about their season. Giants 21 Redskins 14

Vikings(+8.5) over CHARGERS- Is San Diego a better team? Yes. Should they be a playoff team? Yes. Do they have one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL? Yes. Name their head coach. And there is the reason behind this pick. Chargers are awful starters until proven otherwise. Vikings 23 Chargers 17

JETS(-4.5) over Cowboys- Previewed on the site. Jets 24 Cowboys 16

Patriots(-6.5) over DOLPHINS- Miami claims they are pumping in crowd noise for practice because of all the Boston folks living in Miami. The real story is they are pumping in noise to prepare Chad Henne for all the Dolphins fans that cant wait to see him benched. Patriots 37 Dolphins 10

Raiders(+2.5) over BRONCOS- The Raiders have better talent than Denver and the Broncos are a team that is going to make too many mistakes early in the year to be a good favorite. Raiders 21 Broncos 17

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